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As a human rights defender, being safe and aware is an integral part of campaigns, advocacy and...

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Women lives and Livelihoods are severely affected during environmental disasters such as crude...

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The Human Rights Theatre Outreach: a utensil for change and community...

Sogho Children Speak Out Against Land Grabbing

Children from the Ogoni Community of Sogho in Khana LGA, Rivers State speak out against the government's plans to take land in their community.

The Rivers government is claiming that the land will be used for a mechanized banana plantation, but this is at odds with the fact that military surveyors were sent to survey the land, lending credence to the rumor that the real objective is to re-site the Bori Camp barracks in Ogoniland

Ogoni Community Radio

Voice of Ogoni radio was launched on the anniversary of the hanging of Ken Saro-Wiwa and other Ogoni martyrs in November, 2009. The unlicensed station broadcast for a few months before the pressure from the Rivers state government and Nigerian military became too much for the clandestine operators and they were forced to hide the transmission equipment.

Nigeria is the only country in West Africa that continues to deny communities the right to the FM airwaves, forcing those who want or need their voices heard to resort to transmitting without a license.

Nigeria's Ogoni say NO to militarization and resource theft

On June 12th, Goteh Keenam and Dambani Kuenu, two young Ogoni men from Zor-Sogho community in Rivers state, Nigeria were shot dead by policemen. The two were protesting ongoing attempts by the State government to smuggle the Bori Camp Military Barracks, which houses the Second Amphibious Brigade in Port Harcourt into Ogoni territory. 


Abonnema Wharf residents protest demolitions

In September 2009 residents of the Abonnema Wharf neighborhood and concerned activists gathered to protest ongoing government demolitions and forced evictions in the Port Harcourt waterfronts

Wiwa v. Shell Campaign Video

On May 26, 2009, oil company Royal Dutch Shell (Shell) will stand trial in federal court in New York for complicity in egregious human rights abuses in Nigeria.