The Soot Project - Mapping Air pollution in the Niger Delta

The Media Awareness and Justice Initiative (MAJI) under the Soot Mapping project in Port Harcourt will be supported by the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) to expand the DACATAB online portal to cover air quality monitoring, mapping and analysis for the development of sustainable community networks, effective stakeholder interactions and data oriented strategic interventions. This project will also be supported by the Open Culture Fund (OCF) to also create a bridge with their Civc Sense Project and further expand the equipment scope and reach of the DATACAB project. 

The Sootmap Project, which is supported by the Association for Progressive Communication (APC) is targeted at creating a sustainable community network through the use of citizen science methodologies and FLOSS technology for the reduction of air pollution in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. OCF will provide airboxes to this project and provide training to MAJI to help them with installation. These air boxes will be installed in different communities across the Niger Delta region and will help produce pm2.5 data in a region seriously lacking available data.


About the DATACAB Portal 

The DATACAB Environmental data analytic portal enables users to simplify environmental incident data and contents, presenting them in simplified infographic charts that can be easily used by strategic stakeholders for environmental analysis, strategic advocacy and targeted Intervention. 

Using a simplified data analysis platform, the DATACAB portal will totally reinvigorate grassroot participation in environmental protection and climate change adaptation. The data platform is optimised for mobile devices and provides a simplified user interface that supports data inputs compilations and analysis. Resulting analysed information will be grouped and presented in simplified infographic contents, charts and geospatial visual maps using coordinate technology for accurate referencing of identified locations.